(Long, serious post ahead. You’ve been warned!)

I am not immune to the recent suicides being reported in the news. Whenever celebrities take their lives, we hear about it for days on end. But that’s it. Days. And then these stories, like all other news buzz in our lives, will fade as the next sensationalized chaos fills our social media feeds. In a few years, we won’t remember how they died, or when. Oh, how commonplace the topic of suicide has become in our culture. Something so devastating and horrible has become common and ordinary.

I am not ignorant to the link between suicide and those who serve, or have served, in our military. I doubt any military parent is unaware of the statistics. I don’t dare to speak for all military parents, but I have to believe I am not alone in feeling fear, and anxiety, when suicide hotlines and posts are infiltrating my newsfeed en mass. It is hard to escape my worries about the future and my soldier. And those closest to him. His battle buddies. What if.. What if.. What if… And, yes, I pray against the fear but it’s a stubborn fear, and a bit of it always remains.

I am sorry for rambling. I have a point to writing tonight. Things I want to express.

Military parents: PRAY. We have a battle to fight. We have our kids to keep out of the Enemy’s hands. Long after they come home. Long after the deployment ends. We still have an enemy to fight. Pray for your own child. Pray for them all, they belong to all of us. Pray protection over the thoughts, and minds of our military. Pray for healing for the deepest wounds, the ones so often hidden in darkness and silence.
And lastly, the point I want to make and am beating around the bush to say (knowing I may alienate many of you) but I cannot and will not hold back..
In the last years, we have been inundated with reports, writings and claims that suicide is not an easy way out but, rather, the only option for someone in such pain or sorrow or darkness. I have heard and read that those who choose suicide cannot be blamed, because major depression is an illness and it takes its victims. I have been directed to believe, as have you, that we must understand and recognize that we DON’T understand depression or its, often unavoidable, tragic ending.
Stop. It.
Stop sharing, spreading, condoning that message.

If you are fighting with depression and suicidal thoughts – you don’t have to be a victim. You have a choice. If you can make a plan to lift a pill bottle, then you can lift a phone. You have options.


You can choose help.

It is the Enemy that is lying to you! You may have an illness and a disease but it is NOT a certain death sentence, ever.

If you are a member of the military – past or present – you might have to fight one more battle! You have to bring this enemy to light.

You have to press on, to win.

No surrender.


Hear me, the enemy wants you to believe that you HAVE to be a victim and that there is no future or hope for you.

Since when have you ever allowed the ENEMY to write your ending and declare your defeat? Since when did you decide the Enemy was your friend?

Why on earth would you start agreeing with the enemy in the very moment when your life is on the line?

There. Is. Always. Hope.

All my prayers and love,

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