The Silence of Saturday

The grief gives way to the waiting.
For the ones that had love Him, it must have been the most deafening quiet they had ever known. Waiting. What was it like for the disciples on that first day; the day after? Was their silent day filled with thoughts of fear, guilt, sorrow, condemnation, and doubt?

Were they in too much shock to feel anything, or did they begin to realize it had all gone down exactly as He said it would be? Did, then, a quiet hope, anticipation, and joy began to fill the void?

Or did they struggle to even remember His promises? Cling to His words, cling to all they had seen Him do, to all He had taught them?

In our own lives, in the aftermath of the really hard stuff, what do we do?

In the moments after our worst fears are realized, do we cling to His promises?

Do we hold fast to the truth we know, despite the shattered mess we see?

Do we choose faith over the chaotic feelings of our broken hearts?

We need to.

In the silence of our own “in between” days we can still trust in His goodness as we remember His past faithfulness and promised truths.

And as we find rest in that, we find clarity.. and suddenly we find joy..and excitement..and hope..

Because, in the silence of Saturday, we remember..

Sunday is coming.

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