Sometimes, I write on my lunch hours, parked in the back of the Walmart parking lot. Other times, I write while walking through the grocery store (people love that) I write at the pool in summer, and waiting in lines to pick up my kids, and long past when I should be asleep at night. I fight for time to write. And for every person that tells me to “keep writing!” about eighty other “signs” make me feel like I am wasting my time. Or when things don’t go as planned, or when writing I’ve submitted, or entered, is rejected. And I consider that, maybe, just maybe, this isn’t my purpose in life.
Maybe I am just someone who really needs to give up and move on?
Today, I was thinking of how often we hear stories of our military, following their heart and God’s call, showing up at the recruiting, station.. and failing to make the cut. And so they must go back to the start, work twice as hard, and push themselves for their next chance. Usually, that does it and they are in! But then, I get messages from moms begging for prayers as their son or daughter faces tough physical tests, or one last chance to make it through basic training. Over and over, these young men and women break through barriers and fight to achieve. Then, they fight to increase their rank, go before the selection boards, pass their advanced training courses, jump school, special forces.. and on and on..
And, I wonder, is it because they weren’t meant to be in the military? If they aren’t good enough on that first trip to MEPS, shouldn’t they just let it go? After all, if it really was God’s plan, shouldn’t it just happen?
But what if it is God’s plan to strengthen us as we fight for our dreams?
What if this time, where you fight to be who you know you were meant to be, builds a strength, a resiliency, and a character, that is also part of the plan for your life?
As a parent, I am not oblivious to the stress and pain that seems to being doing great damage to the teens in this nation and I have to wonder.. is it because we, their grownups, have not shown them that TRYING produces, not failure, but strength? Have we shown them, by example, that our own mistakes, built in us, the confidence to know we could survive?
There is so much to be gained from getting knocked down and fighting to get back up.
And for those among you who needed to read this today, or those who are reading this because someone shared it with you, believing you needed to be encouraged… please trust me as I tell you one more thing: it ABSOLUTELY can be God’s perfect plan for your life and you still might ABSOLUTELY have to fight to make it happen. But..remember.. as you run your race, and climb your mountain.. and kick down the barriers…He’s got you.

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