Your Six

A quick preface – I bet you all know this.
Know why military and military families say: I got your six. I knew. Kind of. I knew that it meant: I have your back, I’m with you, I’m behind you, etc. I didn’t know why. Or I guess I never thought about it. Recently, I ordered a bracelet (I have a bracelet addiction) designed by a veteran, produced by this awesome site that takes designs by random people and creates limited edition, limited run, bracelets. My friend K introduced me and I’m hooked. They came out with one called “I Got Your Six” — I had to have it. When it arrived today, my middle son was here. I showed him “Look! It says ‘I Got Your Six’ on the inside. Like the military version of ‘I’ve got your back’ you know? Although, I don’t know why they say that..”
He thought a second, looked at me and said “Maybe like on a clock? If you face the twelve, the six is directly behind you.” And he went back to his string cheese like he hadn’t just made me tear up and delivered a heart-grenade.
I don’t know if he is right or wrong. I refuse to Google it and check. And if you know the truth, and we are way off, don’t tell me. Because to me, he is so very right. And his musings led me to journal this, that I thought I would share with you:
When you are brave
enough to face the sun,
there may be moments
where you are blinded..
by the future,
by the enemy,
by the intensity
of the mission.
And if you face the sun,
behind you is a shadow.
In the shadow,
stand those who
support you.
Just as if you stood
on the face of a clock,
staring directly at twelve,
you wouldn’t have to turn
around to know that,
directly behind you, is the six.
So, in the military, they say
“I’ve got your six”
because no matter how brave
you are, you need to know,
without even turning around,
that someone has your back.

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