The End Of Parenting

Pray for the military families in your life. Military parents? Pray for each other and pray for each other’s children, as you would your own. This is a hard journey. I know I say that over and over. Because the truth of it hits me, over and over. It impacts me, my other sons (who miss their brother, so very much) it impacts his dad, grandparents. It’s just..hard. We see the headlines. We are acutely aware of the uptick in violence around the world, and the uptick in military training. We connect the dots. We no longer have the luxury of living a life with blinders on. And in the midst of it, we scream “No!” at the fear that reaches for us. We learn to stand strong, so our children can stay strong. We give courage and speak life.
We may have a volunteer military in this country, but as parents, our hearts were drafted. We had no choice. So, we do what parents do, we face the new challenge, to parent through this journey, we gather our courage, we step up to the line, and say “Well, I raised a hero, I can handle this. Bring it.”
And I am so proud of all of you. And if no one else has told you, let me: You are doing this better than you think you are. You are military parenting, like a bad ass.

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