Pray and Tell

Maybe we can’t change it right now, but God can. And Congress can.
Pray. Pray that our nation puts its own citizens first. Pray that it puts its military first. Pray that God brings a way, a solution, and a strong voice to lead in the right direction.
Congress needs to hear from the people. And we can be loud enough that they understand. Check, do your research, if your Senators are not doing the right thing? Email. Call. Be a complete pain.
And while I know there may be programs that will try to assist and to bridge the gap for our military, it makes me sad.
Sad in an angry way. Sad that those who already cope with the daily stresses that come with defending our country, or the stress of having husband / wife deployed, now get burdened with the additional tasks of applying for loans and registering and making sure they are covered.. Is this truly the best America can do for our own people?
The images below, pulled from an information announcement from my son’s base (a credible source) made me cry.
Hot, angry tears of frustration.
We, as a nation, have to do better.
We have to do better now, and in the days, months and years ahead.
I refuse to believe it has to be this way. That we cannot find resolutions, and legislation, that work for all people.
We need to get through this and move on to petitioning the government to create permanent legislation that guarantees our military is paid ALWAYS regardless of budget crisis or government shutdowns ..just like our congressmen are.
If we can’t resolve the shutdown expediently or find a way to ensure that our military are never again used as a weapon in the War Between Two Sides of an Aisle..then we need to keep these days, and these emotions, in our minds and hearts when it is time to head to the polls again.
Keep praying, and keep making your voices heard.
Skye @faithnofilter

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