Ours Did

I wish I could tell you it was rare. Rare that I would hear stories of military moms, dads, families..told to “chill out” with their military support posts, shirts, bumper stickers.
Told to be quiet, back off, ease up.

No. Just.. no.


Ours did.

It wasn’t easy, it isn’t easy. To make the choice, the decision, to make the cut. To endure the physical tests, the pain of what they push their bodies to do, and the mental aptitude they have to have to meet the requirements.

Ours did.

They didn’t fall into the military because they ran out of choices. It doesn’t work that way. I’m sad that so many think it does.

They choose to sign the line – knowing they sign away their life, control, freedoms – for their nation.

Choosing to serve, choosing to fight.

Ours did.

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