Perfect Moment To Pray 

I was on my way out the door, about to grab my purse and my youngest son, on our way to buy items to make some Christmas crafts tonight. I haven’t left yet. Because..this.

This thought, and God’s whisper, stopped me in my tracks. It happens that way sometimes. Not often though. So, I think its fair to say that one of you, or someone who reads this when it’s  shared, or maybe you’ve been tagged, it’s meant for someone who will read it.
It’s true, and it’s as plain as it can be stated.
I wonder how many of us spend years feeling like something is missing, knowing there is something more, even feeling it might be faith..and we shy away, feeling it’s too late? Or think that because we weren’t raised in church, we don’t have the access to the ear of God that “good” or “church” people have? Hogwash. Garbage.
The closest you will ever be to having the ear of God, is right now. Because it’s always right now. He is there.
Don’t turn away, turn towards.
There is nothing, nothing, nothing that would make Him withhold His arms, care and love. But there are a million things, a trillion reasons, that you can find to keep you from dissolving into His arms. Don’t. Just don’t find the reasons, don’t justify how He wouldn’t love you, just don’t reason it out at all.
Just throw all that pain, worry and fear at His feet, and then run into the arms that have always been waiting to hold you.
You are loved.
If you need to talk about this, if you read this, and you know it was meant for you, message me. Or reach out in the comments if you want, there are amazingly lovely people on here who (I know without ever having asked them) will pray for you and speak encouragement to you.
This moment, is the perfect moment, to let the God of the universe into your life.
❤️ – Skye @faithnofilter

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