I totally get it.. 

At any given moment, on any given day, I will have a random crazy thought or fear or emotion and I will initially think “No one would get this. I doubt anyone else has ever thought this.”
Then I remember how that is SO not true. I have my people, I have my other military moms – ready and waiting in Messenger! – I have you all, and other Facebook groups.

No one around you may understand that thought or feeling, that’s true.

Your spouse might say something ridiculous, in response to your worry, like, “Oh, he’s fine!” ( in my house this is usually met with “For the love! You don’t KNOW he is fine! How can you KNOW that!?”) But we are SO not alone in this experience and all that goes with it…

We are doing a hard thing, too. Not just our soldiers, marines, sailors, guardsmen, airmen, etc…we are, too! We have been thrown into a hard journey, one like no other. And not by choice. But because of it, we also joined a community like no other. 


I am understood.

You are understood.

Right where we are.

Exactly what we feel. 

Every thing we fear.


By thousands.

Thank goodness.

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