T-minus 5 Days.. 

T-minus 5 days and counting people! If you are a firm believer in New Year’s resolutions, or just a dabbler, 2018 is quickly drawing near. Today, I literally said to my friend, “doesn’t it scare you to think, it’s about to be another year, and it may all be the same junk to deal with?” I wasn’t sure the thought impacted her heart the way it did mine. I realized, it might just be my thing. Maybe, I am being called to change, to forge new ways, to dream differently, and set better and bigger goals — I want to write a book, buy a new house, live somewhere warmer than where I live now (pretty much everywhere, other than the Artic Circle, fits this requirement) find new hobbies, make new friends, be a better friend, be less sad, worry less, eat less junk, get rid of more junk.. 
And given the choice between the roads “Been There Done That” or “Oh No, Not Again”..I think I need to be brave enough to choose the road not yet taken, and make a new way. If you are in this place too, at the same fork in the road, maybe we need to resolve to make our lives the “more” we’ve been longing for. 

New Year = New Adventures

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