This is Christmas. 

He sent a baby.
All that power and all that might and He sent a child.

God’s mercy to a broken world?
His light to fix the darkness?
His power and plan to overcome death?

An infant born to poor parents in the midst of a stinky, dank, dark barn.

Where is the power in that?
The might?
The strength?

How could shepherds and wise men fall to their knees before that?

But He had to arrive this way.

To became weak in human frailty.

Had to come as a poor baby, fully depending on the Father to create a plan and to show His power within that framework of human weakness.

Because the days preceding the birth of Jesus were much like the dark days we are in now.

With so much harm being done by men in the name of God, in the name of religion.

Men hell-bent on abusing power, on hating and carrying out evil as a way to show their own might and “godliness”.



He couldn’t send a man do the job of a Savior.

No, God did it His way – He sent His infant son to fix what man had broken.

And without boasting – into the cold and quiet night, from within a barn – He came for us.

Weak, dependent, unassuming.

And yet, still..

The shepherds knew.

The wise men understood.

And they came to Him.

The were drawn towards him.

They came to see the infant Jesus.

And even emptied of strength – having come in the most helpless of human forms – that baby must have just radiated the power of God.

And of love.

And light.

And of grace, and mercy, and hope

Because they bowed.

And it wasn’t in spite of the weakness of that baby, but BECAUSE of it.

They could see the King that He was.

God was here, as a mere man –
but not merely another man.

As they bowed, as they knelt close, they heard those first breaths – the very breath of God.


And not in spite of the fact that He was just a baby.

But because of the purity and unadulterated beauty of it.

They saw God within Him.

God with them.

He had come.

Perfection in weakness.

Emmanuel. God with us.


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