Military Parenting, the thought process..

“I am such a strong military mom! Brave, fearless, courag…oh wait..he never answered my last text did he? No. Let me check all his other social media platforms.. No activity. Huh. Let me see if he answered now. Nope. 3 hours. Wow. That’s a long time. I wonder if.. Hmm. Maybe he is busy because they are giving him a medal. Well, not a medal, that’s dumb, but like one of those stick things, bars? Are they called bars? Or are those the arm ones? Wait, are those what pilots get, maybe? *Note for later.. Google names for insignia and rank promotion ceremonies*  4 hours?! Dear gracious. I bet they shipped him off. My baby. That is NOT ok, Army! I could call him. I don’t want to bother him, though. Plus, I got this. I am ARMY MOM STRONG! HOOAH! He is a grown man. Pretty much. I’ll message Christine. Shoot. I think she is at work. I don’t want to bug her either. You know, if he ISN’T on a surprise deployment this is very rude. This child. I swear. I thought the Army taught manners! Wait, maybe he got beat up? Or failed his PT thing and is distraught?! 5 hours! I’m calling a chaplain. Or is it the Red Cross? I’ll call both.. “

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