Faith, Space, Grace

It doesn’t happen often, but once in awhile someone will ask me “how to make it through this whole thing where your kid joins the military?” It would probably happen more, but because of my commitment to being real, honest and unfiltered – most people know what a mess I am. And often, I see other parents on Facebook walls with pleading, sad-face-emoji-dotted posts, asking something like “I miss him/her so much, how did you guys get through this? ”
Today, I was reflecting on this last year and thinking about the emotions of this journey. How do we get through this? Faith, space and grace. 

Faith: having faith, praying for more, faith in the process, faith in my kid, asking for others to help lift my faith, faith that God is taking care of my solider.

Space: giving our soldier space (because, sometimes, he acts like a jerk, true story.. Hooah!) creating space in my own life to deal with my emotions, finding a space filled with other military parents who can relate to this journey, space in my own head and heart to process, or to write.

Grace: asking for grace for myself because my brain is scattered, grace because I am sometimes an emotional basket case, extending grace when others don’t understand the sorrow this journey brings to military parents. Grace to help me understand the changes the military has wrought in my son and in his life. And God’s grace, to cover my crazy self, every day.

Faith, space, grace – these three things will carry you through everything. 

❤️ – Skye


2 thoughts on “Faith, Space, Grace

    1. I Will never stop missing him! But it is our NEW Reality! Skye this hit home so well! About 4 months in with tons of support I begin to get “ My” grip! That Grip .. for others will come at different stages at different times! Like your writing I am sure helps you as well as so many others! One dear mother told me get your mind busy & do something rewarding ! So I did just that! It all seem to fall in place AND I am sure this ALL was by God’s Design! I now am “ Paying it Forward” in my Support Groups that gave me such strength! I give back! And I am accepting his New Life, & YES even his Adult life… Even the unanswered texts & the 4 word texts I receive every now & then of “ I love you too”! I have learn to give him SPACE…( not easy to do) ! Of course none of it would be possible without God’s Grace! We Love You Skye keep writing !😘❤️

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