We’re Hiring! 


Job Description:

This position is highly challenging and not for the faint of heart. Requires 18+ years of experience. You will be working on a team of approximately 2 – 3 million and MUST be a team player. You will be required to withhold opinions, withhold information, and stay flexible at all times. The rewards and benefits are numerous, however, you will be asked to possibly sacrifice greatly while in this position. 

Proven experience in the field of support and support related functions. 

Track record of flexibility within the field of travel planning and last minute travel planning

Strong phone skills – which may not be used for months at a time. 

Familiar with government systems and practices (even the ridiculous ones) 

Ability to adapt/respond with respect to different types of characters, especially those in authority.

Excellent communication with others in your position is a must. 
Top skills & proficiencies:
-Knowledge of 100,000 acronyms/abbreviations
-Quality Support Focus
-Documentation and document securing
-Listening Skills
-Phone Skills
-“Non Ringing” Phone Skills
-Conflict monitoring 
-Positive Attitude
-Attention to Detail
-People Oriented
-Problem solving (specifically, problems with no solution and with very little information) 
-Organizational Skills
-Adaptability (see travel planning) 
-Ability to Function Under Pressure, without sleep
-Familiarity with the US Postal System/Post Office 
-Written communication (referred to as “letter writing”) 
-Process “concerns” via late night data-mining (aka Google searching) 
Job Title: Military Parent 
Salary Range: $00,000 for a minimum of 4 years
Benefits: American pride that exceeds what your heart can hold.

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