#MeToo meet #NeverAgain 

#MeToo has flooded our social media feeds.

Courageous women are posting these words to break the silence.

And I am in awe of you.

This cannot be an easy thing.

But truthfully? I’m also tired of reading

those words.

I’m sorry.

They just don’t seem..enough.

They seem like a shrug. It’s like a nod to the commonplace. It is “Exhibit A” in support of the “boys will be boys” defense.

And what if — what if that hashtag makes it seem normal? If it happens this often, well then..

In a world where we tend to normalize 

things which are trending online, in social media, on the news, I just worry..are we making it seem like this is just how things are? Shrugging our shoulders, “yeah, me too..”

These are stories of sexual assault and harassment! 

Maybe “Me too” is the hashtag for their story, the one who is the criminal, who takes what isn’t his to take, the hashtag for his disturbing tale.

I just don’t think it should be yours.

You, the ones brave enough to break the silence. I think its time to make a more powerful declaration. You need a hashtag that tells your story and your truth. If enough is truly enough, then maybe it’s time for a new hashtag?


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