Her racing name was Tenacious.

I firmly believe you should embrace your past: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even the hard times should be remembered as you move forward because they make you grateful, and strong, and help you heal. 

This pup is grateful.

And strong! When she decides not to move, it takes prayer and the power of 100 men to move this sweet thing an inch! She is pure muscle!

And she is healing – on her side, she has scars like she rumbled with Wolverine. My husband calls them her racing stripes ❤️ Where they came from, we will never know, but I think they are beautiful. 

So we are keeping the “T” from the Tenacious racer that she was.

Over the weekend, we all just called her “Sweet Dog” since she was nameless. It suites her.

Combine the two and you get the downhome, lovely, comfort of .. Sweet-T (Sweetie ❤️)

And I know she is just a dog, but she has the heart of a racer.

And I am a gal who writes, so you didn’t just get to hear a name, you got to hear a story..that’s just how I roll.

Much love from, 

Me & Sweet-T.

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