“Freedom isn’t free” we hear it all the time – because it’s true.

And if it isn’t free, we can’t box it in, it’s too costly. So, we show it off. And we aren’t always going to appreciate what freedom looks like when displayed by someone else. 

This “standing verses kneeling” business is, indeed, a display of American freedom. There is not a law that will penalize us for not standing and I hope that never changes. 

We stand because we are FREE to do so.

Some kneel because they are FREE to do so.

To demand someone do something our way, is to take away freedom – the freedom so many have fought and died for.

This, then, is an issue of respect.

Respect for that freedom. Respect for the fight.

Respect for the freedoms you have, in this moment, even as you recognize that we actually have come a long way from darker times in our nation’s history. We paid, with tears sweat and bloodshed, to get further into the light. Payment made by your ancestors, and by mine. 

If you – as an American – can’t see that there is always something to be thankful for, then maybe it isn’t freedom or respect that you are lacking but, rather, gratitude. 

Do we have further to go? Indeed, we do.

Are there still many who are oppressed, hurt, discriminated against and dying? Yes.

So, then, that begs one more question:

If there is fighting left to do, why are you down on your knees?

You STAND up against what’s wrong.

You take a STAND for the oppressed. 

You STAND and fight.

You STAND your ground.

If none of that makes sense to you, go ahead and kneel, you ARE FREE to.

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