Plumb Line 

I was reading news tonight and watching news clips and “week in review” type stories. The words in my mind were these: chaos, confusion, anarchy. 

In a nation overwhelmed with a desire to fight for their own truth, a version of some leaders truth, of some group, or a version of some slightly better truth than the truth that they once thought they truthfully believed..we have landed in confusion. 

Life is devalued in the fight for our individual version of right. 

Hate is now acceptable for anyone who doesn’t agree with your version of truth. 

We lost our plumb line. 

And we have plumb lost our minds.  

When truth becomes relative, chaos reigns as we, frankly, forget to fight for good and begin to fight for the pride in our chosen “side.” 

It seems like we claim to be fighting for freedom and it is enslaving us deeper into hate and into the fight. 

Suddenly, freedom belongs to no one. The rules of the game keep changing and everyone loses as we spiral into disorder and darkness. 

Into anarchy. 

And so I thought I would google the word “anarchy.” When I did, I found the truth bomb below and thought I would share it:

“This nation needs to remember that the freedom we enjoy is built on the foundation of absolute truth, and when you remove that foundation, this freedom actually can turn into anarchy.”                      – Pastor Greg Laurie

Also, here is anarchy defined and I must say, it seems like an eerily fitting word for our nation:

anarchy – a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

synonyms: lawlessness, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, turmoil 

We need God’s truth to flood back into this nation. We need God’s healing love. We need to let God be the judge, as we become His hands and feet – made to love and fight the good fight of FAITH. Not fight to be right. We need to value human life, all life, above all else. We need to teach our children there is good and evil, and that there is clear definition between each. 

We need more faith, more of God, less of ourselves. 

Praying for America. Praying we find, again, our plumb line and our uniting strength. 

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