You Are

Thank You for being a father, unchanging. 

You hold us with a love that is powerful and unshakeable, even as you tenderly open strong arms and say to us  “come on, let me hold you..”

Thank you, God,  for letting us be scared and weak and tearful, and never telling us to have more faith, be more brave, or more trusting. You never ask us to be more.. anything. You say we are enough. In fact, you have said to be less..and you will be our more. 

Thank you, Lord, for holding us and loving us — and then gently setting us behind you, as you step in front, and take on the pain that was meant for us. 

Knowing that we are broken, sad, and fragile – you step in front. Our shield and protector, the strength we were missing is found in you. 

You are guardian of our heart and of our victory. 

Without you we would lose. 

Lose hope. 

Lose joy. 

Tonight, we may have weeping, fear and sorrow but we can also have you, Lord. 

And you are hope, you are winning, and YOU are the promise that joy comes tomorrow.

Amen ❤️

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