Connection: Lost

If this image doesn’t sum up what it feels like to go without hearing from the ones we love, I don’t know what would. 

The anticipation, the fear, the wait… 

Right? Or is it just me? A million questions, and having to wait..and wait..for the answers. It’s as if I typed questions “How are you? Are you ok? Are you well?” and now, here I am. I feel like I am always nervously, anxiously, excitedly awaiting that reply. I cling to the vision, of a day soon, when the dots move away and a message comes through “Hey Mama! I’m here. I’m doin’ good!” 

​So many of you have reached out to me in recent days. So many brave ones. Those you love, far from home, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea..and your hearts ache as normal connection is lost within the chaos of sketchy wifi, bad phone service, and opposing time zones. I am praying for you all. And for those who are struggling with the anxiety in the silence, please remember that there is never a technical difficulty that could keep God from drawing near to hear your prayers and calm your fretful heart as you pray for your soldier’s s safety, and anxiously await news. 

God is always near, always hears us, and is always every time zone ❤️

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