It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense maybe, but weekends seem the hardest for me as an Army Mom. 

Weekends, holiday, the moments when family memories are created, I suppose. It’s not just about missing him – it’s having him missing from the moments that make up life. 

Photos seem to be missing something..plans never feel “made”..weekends feel emptier. 

Life seems incomplete. 
Sacrifice isn’t just about the ultimate sacrifice. Giving your life to a cause or your country isn’t all about death. It’s about giving up a million moments that make up your life. And  missing out on them.

It begins the moment they sign on the dotted line..and every time they march away in one. 

Remember military families and our military members as you go about your weekend, making memories and living life. 

Remember to pray for those near and far from home, those making sacrifices for your freedom. 


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