The Power of Friday

Carrying his own cross, he went out to the place of the Skull – which in Aramaic is called Goliath –  John  19:17

Good Friday. This verse. There is so much power within its words..carrying His own cross.

Just before this, as we read the account of that time,  we learn what has been done to Jesus—or, rather, what was allowed to happen. The charges, betrayals, an arrest, calls for crucifixion, and a flogging meant to appease a bloodthirsty mob. 

In my mind, the gospels become almost loud as they outline those hours. Hammering, punishing, the crowds clamoring for more. 

That cacophony was the frenzied sound of evil, gearing up, to make a fnal grab for triumph.

Yet, this verse seems more quiet, more sure. 

Jesus, carrying to Golgatha, the weight of the cross, of our sin, and the weight of our salvation. 

His executioners hadn’t come for Him…He went because He had come for us. 

This moment was not happening to Jesus, or against the will of God…Jesus was carrying that cross to Golgotha to fulfill the will of God. 

Jesus was the perfect lamb, but not as meek as one.

And I think we were VERY MUCH meant to understand, that day was not about the impending, weakest moment of Christ. 

And what happened that day, that Friday? Unleashed the most powerful force of sin-breaking, courageous, love the world would ever see. 

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