Purposeful Worrying

“I have resigned myself to the fact that I will worry,” I announced tonight to a friend, “So I decided to use it. Every time the worry and fear kick in, I’ll pray.” 
It isn’t the perfect plan but I am far from perfect. In a world as frightening as ours, the battle against my own anxious thoughts and fearful heart, is one I am sure to lose. Unless I use it. 

This is about strategy..worrying with purpose. 

I am blessed to be loved by a God who doesn’t say “stop being weak or I will reject you!” I have a God who says “In your weakness, turn to me and I will perfect you.” 

So, that’s where I land tonight. It’s my new battle plan; for every worry and every fear, there is an equal and opposite reaction.. prayer. 

In all things. 

I write from my heart. I write about what weighs me down, personally. Right now? It’s both my every day and my someday. 

Every day.. 

I worry at work. 

I fight against anxiety. 

I resist the trap of holding myself up in comparison to others. 

I battle against feelings of defeat, fear, stress. 


What if something happens to my child? 

My soldier? 

Our military? 

Our world..wars..death..violence..

This is a whole lot of worry. And it would kinda overwhelm me if I didn’t form a plan. My part in the battle..a fight plan.. Prayer. 

Prayer is not just words. 

Prayer is storming the gates of heaven. It is action and purpose. 

Oh how lovely is faith? To know that our God will turn worry around and use it for good and purpose! 

United in prayer? We are stronger. 

United in prayers for our military?  We are storming the gates of heaven with a loud roar of our pleas, on behalf of our soldiers. This is our part in the battle.

Fear can’t stop us. 

Worry won’t stop us. 

Keep praying. 

Love and blessings,


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