Not Merely A Number

Dear Lord, 
I finally had to turn off the news. It’s so very overwhelming. I don’t want to walk in ignorance of the pain of this world.. but the darkness, the violence, feels so painfully close right now. 

The fray has advance and some days it feels as though the battles have come looking for our own. Our soldiers. 

But we believe in their strength God, and even more, we believe in Yours. 

They are not just numbers to You, not just platoons or companies or troops – You say You know every hair on their heads, You say You knitted them together in the womb. No, not just a number to You – – nor to us. 

We pray protection on them and over them, these soldiers of ours. Those serving at home, or training to serve, or fighting even as we pray. 

Bring them home to us, God. And stay with them through it all. 

They matter to us, each and every one. 

And to You. 

Thank you for Your promises, God. 

Thank you for Your love here.. even in the darkest places on earth, You have promised to be there. 

Thank You for the assurance of Heaven, and the assurance of eternity. 


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