Back To Palm Sunday

It wasn’t just a road or a donkey to ride when that road got too long to walk.
It was the beginning of the road – the one which would lead Jesus to the cross.

The donkey? A 500 year old prophesy being fulfilled.

Despite what would change after this moment (and it all would change) the crowds were cheering now. Their King had come to save them.


And later, those very same voices – confused by circumstances, believing lies- would scream for His death on the cross.

But they had been right on that first day.

They were right, as they knelt before this man on a donkey, waving palm leaves, shouting “Hosanna, blessed is He who comes – King of Israel!” 

He HAD come to deliver them, to be their King.

He started down that road because Golgotha waited for Him.

I think many of us have a story like the people shouting in Jerusalem that day. We can look back and recall a time where we began to believe, to trust that there was something very real about God, and that this very real God wanted to love and protect us. But maybe, like the confusing week ahead would change things for the people of Jerusalem, things changed for you? Maybe your life suddenly became confusing, hard, broken, and the noise of the chaos pulled your mind and heart in the wrong direction – and you began to doubt.

But the message of Jesus is now and will ever be, one of second chances.

And third, fourth, fifth..

So just go back – it’s not too late.

Go back to your “Palm Sunday”.

Back to where you knew, and felt, that truth. 

Go back and whisper “I do have a King. I am saved. He is real and knowing Him has the power to change everything for me. Death won’t stop my King. Death won’t stop me. My King has come.”

Authentically Yours,

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