The Story Begins


That baby. A boy. Born to young, scared parents. Poor at birth. A pretty poor excuse for a birthplace. Mary and Joseph – relegated to a barn. A strange welcome for their little “king”. A strange few months by anyone’s standards, actually..angel visits, virgin pregnancy, travel by donkey..all culminating in this dark, smelly barn.

Did they know? Know that this moment would change the world? That this little man, their little guy, would be taking on darkness, fighting with the devil and challenging the status quo? That he would soon be fighting for love to win, for freedom for those enslaved, and for faith to become untangled from “religion”?

That in this quiet, dim corner of a barn, a fight to the death had begun?

Probably they didn’t, not fully.

Yet, even I..just a nothing little Mama in the nowhere middle of the Midwest this Christmas morning, with a few changes looming on the horizon for us..have a sense that something big has started for our family.

So, yes, holding the son of God, I believe Mary sensed what had begun.

The bible says she “pondered these things in her heart.”

I’m sure she did.

We, women? We are thinkers.

She didn’t have specifics but she knew: this story was far from over.

This story had only just started.

“..And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him..” – Luke 2:40

Merry Christmas!


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