Just A Comma

Is it possible that we try to finish God’s sentences? 
This question hit me hard.

If the question was regarding sentences spoken by my sons, or my husband, I could confidently reply “Yes. Because I know what they’re going to say, I have a really good reply ready and I am anxious to pour my awesome wisdom into their life..” (pride, man, the struggle is real)

But the thought came as I found myself, today, struggling again to decide if I should begin to write again.

This has been my thought life for awhile:

I am too busy

      I love writing

I am not an actual writer

   I miss creating, with words

I don’t think it is my calling, or purpose, or whatever

  I have struggled to connect to my faith –         ever since I stopped writing

I said I was done

         I said, that God said, that I was done

Why are you trying to finish My sentences?

That last one, that thought there, that was the kicker, the stinger, the game-set-match (is that the right use of that term? I don’t really do sports. I should, legit, stay away from sports references in the future..)

It ended the wrestling (I meant, like, stop using sports references, soon..)

It was a God question. And He is right (haha, that would not shock anyone who shares my faith. I can hear those friends now “Oh, oh really Skye? Wait..tell me more about this *new* discovery you’ve had. So, the Creator of your life, knows your life? Shocking!”

Just kidding. 

They wouldn’t be like that. 

There would be much more sarcasm involved.

But was I? Do I? Did I?  Finish His sentences?


I think I add periods and exclamation points, where God was merely using a comma. 

He pauses and I jump in, to finish with my words and plans and assumptions (pride, man, the struggle continues)

So, here I am. 

In a foggy windowed car, on my lunch hour, the rain pounding on the roof, and

…I am writing again. 

And my soul is nodding in agreement and happiness (It’s a thing. If your very soul has never nodded or raised its hands and shouted “Amen!” ..then you just wait..its a very good thing.) 

Then, I wondered, how do I explain it? How do I just explain “I’m back!” without looking stupid or crazy?

So I wont be explaining the stopping or the restarting of the blog.

Because what is stupid, is somehow thinking I can explain God’s plans. 

So, I won’t try.

What is crazy, is putting a period at the end of a sentence, one God intended to continue.

So, I’m just..back.

Also, I feel like this wasn’t all that was meant to come of this time inside my car. Maybe there was greater purpose to come from this moment, with its autumn rain spilling down my windshield along with hundreds of fallen leaves (I should not have parked under this tree..gross)
I’m thinking this isn’t all about me (again, shocking, I know..).

As in, maybe, its for one of you, too.

Maybe, right now, you are looking at the hard stuff in your life and you’ve already written the outcome? In the story of your life, have you already filled in the first two chapters, the index and a few footnotes – while God is still writing the preface? 

Are you looking at a loved one’s war and chalking it up as a loss, before their first battle is fought?

Are you on the cusp of amazing things, using your gifts, falling in love, starting over, taking a new job or leaving behind brokenness, but you won’t move, because you put a hard stop – where God put a dash?

How about we don’t? How about we try, together, to let God finish the sentences. To let God author our stories. 

He is the very best writer of a good life story. 

I believe that God plans to finish the sentence. For me. For you. Are we willing to believe that? Are we willing to take an eraser to our own assumptions, accept the pause of the comma, and wait for God to finish the rest? Having faith, that it will be worth the wait?

Bring me an eraser. I’m in. 

Embracing the Comma,


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