Nothing revelational here, nothing new or life altering, nothing to tell you that will surprise you but I am about to make a confession: I am a doubter.

Yes, it’s true. I can be really bad at faith.

Yesterday, I recieved a job offer at a company I applied for in the beginning of July. If all continues to play out as expected, I will begin the job within days of my boys returning to school. The exact thing I had hoped for – to be home with my kids for the summer and then begin a new job.

In talking this over with my mom yesterday, I was remarking on how amazed I always am at Gods provision and timing – and how I shouldn’t be.

Later in the conversation I remarked on how all of what Jesus came to live and teach, was about opposites..

Be less to be more
The least become the greatest
The weak will be the strong
Be a servant to be honored
Love when others hate you
Forgive what seems unforgivable

An oppositional force = Jesus

And it changed the world.
This oppositional life style?
It changed history, the world..and it should change our every moment.
Our every day.
Does it?

This morning, I lay in bed thinking about all the millions of details I have yet to work out as I reenter the work world.

Just yesterday, I had such a firm grasp on understanding that my doubts and worries had been for nothing – because God was behind the scenes lining up the best possible outcome.

Less than 24 hours later?

I am a flopping Worry-Fish (a hideous subspecies of fish, very useless, always swimming in mindless circles) helplessly gasping for the air of security, on top of the dry dock of doubt.

I totally suck at faith.

And it dawns on me, like all things Jesus came to teach? Faith is oppositional.

In a world that teaches us to control everything, to hammer out the details of every minute, to never trust or leave any checkbox unchecked – faith asks us to do the opposite.

Within the realm of buzzwords like task oriented, and minimized risk – faith uses verbiage like loosen your grip, believe, breathe deep and be calm.

Faith asks us to oppose the notion that success or failure rests fully on our own shoulders. Faith reminds us that success in life comes from trusting in the promises of God.

Can we and should we work hard at all we put our hand to (and not just corporate jobs, but child raising, being a spouse, running our households, maintaining our friendships)? Yes! This is not about the whole “let Go, let God” mindset.

Yet, within the hard work and daily grind we are a country of stressed out, anxiety ridden, worry-filled, insomniacs – and faith provides a cure.

Work hard, do the job in front of you and then hand the days work over to God to allow Him to direct the outcome of it.

Success or failure is on Him, not on us.

Thank God.

Thank God for His promises, wisdom, knowledge, attention to details and His massive shoulders made to carry the load you and I were never created to bear.

Working The Opposite Angle, and Authentically Yours,

“All these many people who have had faith in God are around us like a cloud. Let us put every thing out of our lives that keeps us from doing what we should. Let us keep running in the race that God has planned for us. Let us keep looking to Jesus. Our faith comes from Him and He is the One Who makes it perfect. He did not give up when He had to suffer shame and die on a cross. He knew of the joy that would be His later. Now He is sitting at the right side of God” Hebrews 12:1-2 NLV


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