Simple Truth


Over the last seven days, many of you all (people I love and respect) have chosen to share deeply personal thoughts with me.

I don’t know, exactly.

Because I listen?
Because you know I will pray for you? Because you needed someone safe?

Ummm. Maybe.

But more likely?

Because you know I am typically such a hot mess myself you can probably tell me anything and I won’t make the ugly judgey face.

True enough!

And after hearing you all, I so wanted to write a loving, healing post that would help.

I wanted you to know I heard you..

“I am grieving, this loss, another in a long extension of grief..”

“I feel like I am battling for my teen – and although I don’t always see my enemy clearly, I know he is there and I fear he is winning..”

“I am scared..”

“I am losing hope, losing faith..”

“I am angry – at life and at God..”

“I am a big believer that God provides but then, again, I am such a doubter..”

“I wish I knew why one day someone can just wake up and within moments – a normal Tuesday becomes the stuff nightmares are made of..why? Why does it have to happen?”

“I am just not feeling loved..”

Heavy stuff, right?
But we’ve all been in these places – many of us are there right now, very likely.

In fact, I have had days where I run through each of those emotions simultaneously (see note above regarding “hot mess” status).

Tonight, as I prayed for each of you, I also pleaded with God..

“God, please, I need You. I need words that can help. Healing words. Words to speak into the complexity of pain. I need answers. To help the hurt, and untangle the chaos. I need answers for them. I need a word from You.”

A thought flooded my mind and my heart quickened…

“They don’t need answers, solutions or helpful hints. They need less of your words and more of Me. Tell them, Skye, tell them who I am. Tell that that..I am.”

Ah. Of course.

What we really need to know, in order to ease the most complex pain in life? A more complete understanding of simple truth.

In your anger, doubt, sorrow and fear..
In your feelings of worthlessness, pain and anxiety..

He is still God.
He is still in control.
He is good.
He is love.
He is safety.
He is shelter.
He is with you.
He never leaves, never hates, never breaks a promise.
He never forgets you, never changes, is never caught off guard, and never plots against you.
Even though..
Even in..
Even through..
He is still God.
You are still His.
Be still and know it.

And I know this doesn’t answer every question, or magically erase the pain.

But rediscovering the truth of Him puts you back on solid ground.

And from solid ground we gain traction, firm up our footing, build strength.

From solid ground we can fight for answers, for hope and for peace.

He was right – as He always is – life always makes more sense when your faith is firm.

And you can only have faith in what you know.

So know Him more.
Firm up your faith.
Feel the solid ground beneath your feet. Soldier on.

Love to you all,

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