Warrior Moms, You Are Not Alone.


Last week, my youngest daughter was sick. Fever, not eating, slept all day.
It was sad. Pitiful. Quiet – but not in a good way. I felt so badly for her and other than cuddling her and giving her the prerequisite “fluids” there was nothing I could do to help.

As a mom – it’s an awful feeling to watch your child suffer in any way.
And as always when my children are sick, I start thinking about other moms.

The ones with truly chronically ill children. The ones that parent children with life threatening illnesses.

How do you do it?

Constantly forced to watch your children in pain, sick to their stomach from illness – or from the very medicine that is meant to cure them from their illness. My eyes tear up at just the thought – and yet this is your reality. Often, unable to help in any way other than just holding your child, loving them and praying for them.

Moms of seriously ill children?
You are warriors.

You do what no parent should ever have to do – daily. You see and hear what no one wants to see or hear.

And yet, you must rise above it – because you are the mommy.

We know that the smile on your face, HAS to be there. You are the stability, the rock that your child needs.
You not only must endure – you have to help your children endure.
And it must seem impossible sometimes.
It has to, because even just the thought of it all seems so impossible to those of us NOT living it.
Those of us on the outside? We are amazed.
We are in awe.
And we are learning from you.

We learn it is possible to still be strong, even when we are at our weakest.

We learn the importance of leaning on others, when we can no longer stand on our own.

We learn by watching you draw closer to God, when nobody would blame you for screaming at Him in anger and disappointment.

We SEE you doing the impossible, because for you, it simply has to be possible.

And do you know what happens?

One day, those of us watching you and learning from you, suddenly find ourselves with a sick child.

Just…“regular” sick.

And the usual feelings happen:
the struggle with being helpless to make our little ones feel better, the worry and exhaustion from sleepless nights.

This is when you come to our minds.

Watching Disney channel for hours on end, throughout a long night on sick-watch, gives a mom a lot of time to pray.

And yes, we pray for our sick child – of course – but then we start praying for your child.

We pray for specific children, the ones within our inner circles, little ones we know, who are hurting and struggling with life threatening illness . And we pray, as well, for the ones we will never meet. We know they are out there.

And we know that you are out there, Warrior Mom…

We know right now you are holding your child, as they spend yet another night miserable and sick.

Another night, in what must seem like an endless string of miserable nights.

As we lie there, stroking the feverish head of our own child, we become increasingly aware of the anguish endured by you – warrior mama.

And then, we begin to pray for YOU.

Here is what I really, really want you to know in your head and in your heart – you are not alone.

In the dark hours of the night, when you are too exhausted to pray anymore – other moms are praying for you.

I don’t even have to ask other moms if they are doing this – I am just certain.

It’s how we are wired.

It’s how we love and take care of each other.

It’s just what moms do.

We love you and your child without needing to ever spend a minute with you. You are one of us. We are your sisters and you are NEVER in this alone.

So my prayer for you, sweet Warrior Mom? That you will feel us surrounding you with our prayers and thoughts at all times of the day and night.

I want you to feel held up when you are falling down and supported when you are at your most fragile.

And when you feel that you just can’t burden a friend or family member at 4 in the morning to pray for you..
But you truly don’t think you can make it even 5 more minutes..

..know that somewhere, another mom is awake and is praying for you, in that exact moment.


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