Battles and Wars

Sometimes, I wonder about why we get tempted to take on one-person missions to fight the opinions of other people on social media.
What do we think we will win?
What is making us want to do battle on websites?
Are we fighting on behalf of a resolution?
A revolution?
Fighting for justice?
For those with no voice?
To change minds — or just to give a piece of our own?
Fighting for right?
Or just — fighting from a place of pride?
I think we can figure it out based on how we feel after the posts, comments, messages, Tweets and replies.
Feeling joyful, peaceful and filled with hope? Awesome — blessings, carry on soldier!
Feeling angry, defeated, ticked off, like our joy is being stolen? Not good — and then maybe it’s possible, maybe then we should ask ourselves – are we so consumed by a battle we aren’t meant to fight, that we aren’t seeing the enemy is winning the war?
I’m heading back to fueling the light.
I have no desire to fuel the darkness.
Love and peace and Authentically Yours ❤ Skye

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