Within a framework of faith.

If it were possible to fall in love with a phrase, I have. With this one.

I first heard it said a few weeks ago listening to a pastor on the radio. It wasn’t the point of his message or a theme – just wording he chose to describe what he thought his father’s legacy was. He said his father raised children “within a framework of faith” which had led to generations of God-loving children.


Ever since I heard that phrase I have thought on it, prayed about it, pondered it.

This morning – I said it again, with joy, for the promise of a new day ahead
Tonight, as worry fear and anxiety snuck in , I whispered it as a frantic, slightly sobby, kind of prayer

“a framework of faith”

I have realized that yes, indeed, I want to raise my children within a framework of faith but even more..

I want my entire life to be..
surrounded by
hemmed into
held secure by
within the solid structure I
found inside
..a framework of faith.

If it were possible to breakup with a phrase, I would. I am totally dumping this one: step out in faith.

No. Uh uh. I am going to take my steps in faith.

A picture without a frame is great at first -nice to look at, glossy, bright, perfect.

Pictures fade, stuff happens.

A frame protects.

We can also be very glossy, bright and perfect looking.

We can fade too, life happens.

A framework of faith protects.

Like a treasured picture, we are the creation of a God who created us simply because God is love.
And He wants to protect the creation He loves.

And like that picture, we are vulnerable too – life can crinkle us, flood us, burn us and attempt to bury us.

Frames matter.

Are you framed by something sturdy? Are you living life secured by the framework that surrounds you?

Or imprisoned by fear because you know you are one vulnerable little Polaroid, a mere venti Starbucks spill away from total destruction?

Find Him
Let faith in Him, and in His promises, build a frame.
Put your whole life into the framework. Find peace.
Find protection.
And from within something that holds you tight – from within the framework of faith – you will find the greatest safety and freedom you have ever known.

Framed in, hemmed in, and Authentically Yours,
“When you…live in the land which the LORD your God is giving you to inherit, and He gives you rest from all your enemies around you so that you live in security”

-Deuteronomy 12:10

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