Sometimes the beauty of the sunrise breaks not just the darkness of night, but it also breaks through the fear, the worry, the sorrow and heartache that night often amplifies.

This breaking of the night..
This light which casts out darkness..
This sunlight that chases away the shadows ….
It is a gift to us.

It isn’t God who needs to mark time.

To the God who owns eternity, time is irrelevant.

The very division of days, is simply a gift to us from the God of love.

Yes, His mercies, the ones He gives us to ease those choices and pains of yesterday, the ones which we will plead for throughout this newly begun day? Those start new every morning.

And even more than that?

The very creation of a morning is a bright sunshine filled act of mercy.

A merciful gift from a God who knows His people so well – He knew we would daily need a reset.

Every morning, as dawn breaks we can allow ourselves to feel mercy.

Morning mercy is that orange and pink, sun streaked, moment where He shows us compassion, and undeserved love.

Where He plucks us from the darkness of night and sets us solidly back to standing in the place where the sun filters in.

And as the sun reaches us, as it warms away the chill of our hardest nights..
if you can still yourself for just a moment, you can almost feel the warmth of His hand on your head and His voice saying “..a new start kid. Let’s do another day – another chance to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Me. Ready?”

Loving my morning mercies and authentically yours,

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