One Year Later – Repost – National Suicide Prevention Day


About a year ago, the news flooded our screens – tv, computer, phone.

Robin Williams was gone.

Suddenly the subject of suicide dominated posts, articles, and tv news segments.

One year later and the media coverage on the subject is once again amping up. A year ago I did what I always do when the words in my head demand to be sorted out, I wrote them out and shared them. I am sharing them again today because they still reflect my heart on the subject..

August 12, 2014

“Depression. Sorrow. Suicide.
Its all over Facebook,Twitter, the news channels..

I don’t know for certain what drives a person to such desperation.

I can imagine there is a pit of darkness that is always just in front of all of us and some will be pushed close to the edge or even tipped in.

As much as I believe in the light, I believe in the darkness.

So today I find myself asking- am I open enough to those I love to be a kind word in their time of darkness?

Do I remember to live a life that points to a joy and a strength greater than the fear and sorrow seeking to devour them? 
Do I listen enough?
Do I make it clear that I would give up all I have if it meant I could keep someone from that edge, out of that pit?

I don’t know if I am always obedient to the nudging inside that tells me to go to someone, to push in.

Days like today must serve as a reminder.

We need to help others find defining truth, and “defying” truth.
To help them defy the odds.

We need to walk with those suffering through the darkness of depression, to tell them we will believe – when they don’t have the faith to believe it themselves – that tomorrow will be better.”

Yes, still my thoughts and my heart.

Praying for those who need to know even as I type these words, to KNOW, that there is a light strong enough to fight back the darkest darkness.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Praying for the deeply broken and the most fragile hearts among us and Authentically Yours,

“There is a light that burns in the darkness
There is a hope that washes the fear away
There is a peace that settles around us
It is Your love that sets our hearts ablaze”
~Fill This Place – Red Rocks Worship~

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