Sometimes it is easy to believe that everything we “hoped” for isn’t going to happen.

If I could have had my way I would have stayed home forever, and been the Pulitzer Award Winning June Cleaver of 2015.
Home to make beds, make soup and make fresh cookies for my kids.
In between these chores, I would have written the next great American novel.

If I could have, I would have.

But I can’t. I need to face the big world, and get a job outside my little world, here in my home.

This will be a summary of what I learned when I put on my big girl blazer and drove to a job interview today.

I learned that when I confuse words like “longings” or “plans” or “dreams” for the word “hope”? I discredit hope.

Driving in my car, praying away nerves was fairly easy. Because I knew I had more than a dozen Godly people praying for me.
I felt safe because I was able to pray through the fear.
I felt strong because I was able to whisper the name “Jesus” and know there is a living power in that name.

But in my mind a whispered, disappointed thought “All my hopes and dreams are ending now..” and the Spirit inside me, kicked back.
And in an instant, this:  my hope is not merely the act of waiting for Jesus to make my life turn out the way I planned, the HOPE itself is what I own, what I have, what changes my everything because I have Jesus.

I am not merely living to create plans for my life so I can turn them over to God, like “Ok, Big Guy..here is what I hope You accomplish. You’re the Closer, I’m just the Creative Team. So, make it happen!”

My hope is Jesus.
I have hope because I have Jesus.
Just like I had peace from the prayers of others, protection through my own prayers, and strength through the power of His name – in that same way, I already have hope.

Hope for eternity.
Hope for the broken and dark days. Hope, reason and a defense for my joy, even if every plan I longed for slips away.

Hope because He isn’t a god of wood or stone, or a god who is dead, or demanding.

Hope because He rose from the dead – living, and alive.

Hope because He wants to pour His grace and love into people, not His demands for deeds well done.

Hope because, simply, He is who He is.

Hope isn’t a plan for our lives, hope is life.

Hope isn’t the achievements we aspire to reach – hope is the completed achievement of Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter where life takes me, what job I do, if my boys eat store bought cookies or if I never write anything ever again – at the ending of each day, and with the sunrise of every morning – I have hope.

Full, complete, achieved and accomplished hope through Jesus Christ.

What more do I really need?


Hope-Full and Authentically Yours,

Return to your stronghold, O prisoners of Hope; today I declare that I will restore to you double ~ Zechariah 9:12

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