Hot House


Late night blog posting is totally my thing.
Tonight it’s my thing because sleeping isn’t working.
Sleeping isn’t working because our air conditioning isn’t working.

And it is now officially August.
August without air conditioning.

I am stressed – I wish I weren’t.
I am wonderful at telling others to believe that God will take care of things – of them.
But then there comes that day like today. 
That day where I paid all the bills, all the kids school fees (pushing $600 – we’re talking public school here, people! ..come on already!) and I was feeling ok about things.
Feeling in control.
But then I realized our house felt a bit warm, which happens when the thermostat is set for 75 and the temperature inside is a balmy 82.

And the panic set in
“What if the whole thing is shot?”
“What if its even just a $2000 part?”
“What if we run out of money after we fix it…”
“What if we don’t fix it and we boil inside our own walls..”
“WHAT IF..???!”

Yes, I am great at comforting others –
“God provides.”
“God meets our needs”
“God owns a thousand cattle on a thousand hills…”

But a few hours in a stuffy house, with a repair man scheduled to show up first thing in the morning?
And I fail miserably at the trust thing.

Yet as I type this, I remember..

Last night my husband took our sons to the county fair. When they came home my youngest showed me the “swag” he got from booths and vendors at the event. He was most proud of two little Giddeon bibles (not sure why they gave him two? Perhaps he looked especially “unchurched”?).
I admired the brightly covered, tiny books, talked to him about the Giddeons and then did the thing where you say “I am going to flip through and stop randomly and read a verse…ready……stop!” (at Romans 9:8)
I read it, and commented on what a neat verse it was.

In this moment some of the words I read come flooding in
“..not the children by physical descent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise ..”

Awesome, right?

So here is my thought..

When my heart is in the midst of panic and anxiety, I need to remember to cling one of these truths –
Gods present mercy
Gods past faithfulness
Gods constant promise

Its like a flowchart! (I ❤ flowcharts!)

Did the problem right itself as you prayed, in the moment you asked?
Then praise God for His present mercy!


Can you calm your heart as you recall how good He has been to you in the past, when He has rescued you and sustained you? Then praise Him for His past faithfulness!

Still struggling?

Then remember He is constant in His promises.

He is who He says He is.
He does what He says He’ll Do.
He makes promises.
He keeps promises.
He is The Promise.
And you are a child of The Promise.

He promises ..The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night – Psalm 121
He promises .. for those who love God all things work together for good Romans – 8:28
He promises .. seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you – Matthew 6:33

I have no idea what the morning will bring. It may be a hot August for our family, and everything else may end up  broken, just one appliance after another, but I know for certain that God’s promises won’t be.

So, I know I’ll be ok.
And for today – that’s all I needed to know.

A child of The Promise and Authentically Yours,
For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him…
2 Corinthians 1:20

2 thoughts on “Hot House

  1. Ahhhh How wonderful. Remember when you feel that you might be good at calming others, first of all YOU ARE! Second of all, I love how our God works and makes you comfort someone else on the very day that YOU will need to remember those promises. I love you friend and am so thankful for your heart. The heart that I constantly see Jesus shining through. Now praying for a quick and easy fix of your problem that you may enjoy a cool August….or maybe I’ll just start praying for an early fall 🙂 You know that would make me happy (tee hee)


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