Boots On



I just started bawling at a public pool over it all.
It feels like too much.

But its good that we should feel the pain.
Enter into the hurting, the brokenness of it all.
Good to carry the weight of their grief, even if only for a moment or two.

Its not just a news story – all that has happened in Chattanooga.
Not just something scrolling on a muted CNN, in the restaurant you’re dining in.
It’s not the background noise of a radio left playing.
Not merely “another shooting”.
Its evil. Pure simple evil.

And its impact on the world around us should be felt.

We should feel the sense of urgency.

And we should feel something rise up in us.

After we cry a bit, and let our hearts break wide open with their pain.
After we cry out for the peace of God to crash into the hearts of dear ones, now “left behind” here – to endure this sudden overwhelming sorrow.
After that? We should feel something more.
An angry determination to help.
To fight back.
To hold back all this hate, we have to love fiercely -and with action and intent.

We have to also take up the mission of our troops, and other warriors of love and justice. Just regular you and I?
Its our turn.

We have to stand up in love for the innocent, the outcasts, those who are falling prey to the darkness.

We can’t close our eyes any longer.

In one of my favorite books by author Jan Karon, a character speaks words I always carry with me “The fray has come to us..”

And it has.

So now we must feel the frantic pressure of it all.

To know love is to know goodness and good will overcome.

Don’t just say ‘this world is so messed evil..”
Do something in love.


To “overcome evil with good” is a call to action for all who claim they believe it.

We have a mission of overcoming to carry out.

Lace up your boots, friends.

A battle is underway.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Grieving, Determined and Authentically Yours,
verb (used with object), overcame,
overcome, overcoming. get the better of in a struggle or 
conflict; conquer; defeat:

2 thoughts on “Boots On

  1. In times like this it’s easy – second nature really – to react against the attacker. We, as believers, are called to not only answer evil with good but to remember that we battle not against flesh and blood but against the powers of darkness behind such evil acts. This is a call to prayer. A call to love. A call to stand in the gap for those who have not yet found the love of God before it’s too late. Thank you for your post, AL


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