About Me


My blog hosting site routinely reminds me that I have not created an About Me page.

They are right.
Because it’s hard to write one.
Or I am scared to.
Because I don’t know how to write an About Me page.

Or, something.

But I do want you to know about me and therefore…this is my About Me post.

And if you like lists, then this post list is for you!

Here we go.

~I use the dot-dot-dot ellipsis…frequently (and likely incorrectly).
~I have 3 sons, 1 husband, and 1 weird addiction to smiley face emojis (I can’t stop…I can’t! 🙂 )
~I talk about Jesus, an extraordinary amount. This is because..yup..you guessed it…
~I love Jesus! (because I believe fully in: God > sending His son > to die undeserved death > to clear my sin-debt > so I could go to a very real eternity with Him)
~I post bible verses…often.
(I do this because I need bible verses like I need food. Well, actually, more like in the way I need carbs and sugar..it’s an addiction. An addiction that makes me happy and nicer to the people around me!)
~I pray…a ton ❤ (see? Sometimes I throw down with a heart emoji, to mix things up). I believe we are heard by God and I believe prayer changes things – in us, in the world around us or in our ability to see the path ahead more clearly.
~I want you to know that my faith, my Christianity is a continuing daily process. It is a process of making my heart – humbled, amazed, secured, unafraid of death, overwhelmed, hopeful..
~But, while we are talking About Me you should know- Christianity, does NOT give me the right to hate you if you aren’t yet a Christian, or to hate others at all.
~Also, about me, I sometimes struggle
(faith should, I suppose, make me exempt from this but since I am human…that just isn’t my reality). I struggle with: a lack of self esteem, anxiety, feeling like a mess as a wife or as a mom, getting my feelings hurt too easily, body image issues, and fear.
~Through all the struggles and pain I see all About Me, I can’t imagine not holding onto faith. (Or I can’t imagine if my faith wasn’t holding onto me, actually!) ..nothing About Me can imagine trying to do “Life” without knowing the Creator of it.

So that’s me, if you wanted to really know About Me.

I guess that page should just say:

“I am a Christian. Yes. But I am in this life with you, I get it. I get how hard the world is. And I know how hard it is sometimes to believe, or to keep the faith. I am a Christian but I am not drenched in glitter and immersed in the “fa la la la la” of happy dancing while bible reading. I am a Christian. And yes I know, maybe you aren’t. And maybe you’ve been hurt by those calling themselves Christian or by the church but I want you to know for certain that I do not wander around yelling hate at other humans, or spewing vile rhetoric about others sins while lifting high my own righteousness.
I want you to know –
Faith has not made my life perfect.
Faith has not made me perfect.
Faith has made me realize that Jesus is the only Perfect.
I am the wretched thing He died to save.

I do think you should know, about me, that I am just trying every day to be closer to Jesus…
because of what He gave me
because He saved me
because He loved me “anyway” “despite” “even though” and “first”

So it’s important to know this about me…that my whole heart belongs to Him. And when I take a good look at myself, I feel pretty sure that He is getting a very bad deal. The short end of the stick, indeed.
And yet, still…He just loves me.”

Hey, would you look at that? I guess I knew how to write an About Me after all!

Striving for a life that is actually About Him and Authentically Yours,

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, Sky….It’s almost two in the morning, but I think I am successfully following you. Yeah! It will show up on my WordPressReader. We may be very different people, but we both have something in common………(dang, where is a good smiley face when I need one).


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