From This Side Of Love, To You


Here is a statement about myself that will likely surprise no one: I am a conservative Evangelical Christian.

Now here is a statement which (if the social media comment threads, editorialized articles and media rhetoric of the last twenty-four hours are to be believed) will blow your mind: I do not hate gay people, the gay rights movement or those who support it.

Yes, that’s right. I do not hate people. I actually love people. Deeply.

But you would be right about one thing – I am struggling since the Supreme Court decision went public and went viral. Struggling in silence, up to this point.

And if you didn’t already look away from this post in disgust, if you haven’t already labeled me “another right-wing Christian gay-hater” then listen close – I am hurting not because of any decision, choice, lifestyle or law. I am hurting because I have never seen so many of my brothers and sisters in faith mislabeled, misrepresented and misunderstood.

If you honestly still think that Jesus Christ ..that God.. that Christianity ..that the majority of Christians.. are about “hate” then you do not understand anything at all.

Most of us have spent the better part of two days fighting back against the insanity of the fringe, crazy nutcases claiming to be Christians while posting vile, hateful, spiteful things on social media and websites. Most of us are in prayer that the misrepresentation of OUR community will stop.

If someone tells you Christianity is about hating those who are not Christians, or is about hating and judging those who do not share our beliefs – run. Run far, far away from them.

If I told you the biggest reason I hate this decision has to do with a flawed government and my fears in that, would you believe me?

Would you listen if I explained that I am very terrified that many issues recently which may feel like “wins” for the freedom of our people may actually be a tightening of the shackles which will, someday, enslave us to a federal government that doesn’t care about on that side of the issues..anymore than it cares about on this side?

Would you hear me? Believe me? Listen? Or would you let the very fact that I believe in something different than you label me a “hater” or a “complete idiot” as you turn away and write me off?

If so, than the hate – the judgmental attitude – the bigotry? It lies within you.

You see, the burden of proof lies with you now .. #LoveWins.

“Love Wins” has been the burning hope in the soul of every true Christian since the death and resurrection of Christ. “Love wins” is the very truth I live by. The very faith I possess in my soul is 100% based on the knowledge that Love Wins -that love won- that love conquered hate, sin, and death. I believe love won when it brought resurrection and hope for reconciliation with the God of the universe.

So, see? I do agree with you actually – Love does WIN. Love has Won.

But will you live that belief now? Will you love, without judgement, those on the right or the left? Will you love me even though (for reasons other than the ones you may assume are my reasons) I am worried about the Supreme Courts decision? Will you love us even if we don’t change our profile pictures to be covered by a rainbow filter? Will you love my brothers and sisters “on the right” who have been actually loving with the love of Jesus, for most of their lives? Who loved others long before the government tried to tell them they had to? Will you now remember that the few are not the voice of all? Will you allow the beautiful love story of Jesus to be heard over the cries of hate – which seem so loud?

The burden is on you now.

Will you be strong enough to let love win within the division?

Lovingly and Authentically Yours,


“Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” Romans 13:10

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