To Charleston, With Love.


Yesterday, I drove the final leg of my vacation and arrived at my parents home for some fun in the sun!

And last night, as my extended family and myself played in the ocean and watched the sunset turn the waves a beautiful pink – a few miles away, a gunman opened fire on a church and killed nine people.

Just a few miles away.

My parents live just outside Charleston, South Carolina.

Our hearts are breaking for this community, the church, and the people of Charleston.

And I know the question, the big one, because I asked it too.

“Where was God? How is this loving? What were His thoughts?”

Because this hurts. That it happened in a church breaks my soul in half.

This world is broken. We are a broken people, in a broken land. Sin, evil, hate – we made all of that and now we live among it and every day we are forced to witness the brokenness.

But for me to continue to try and figure out the evil would be the wrong direction to send my thoughts. We can’t. Evil like that is pure, unadulterated sin. Sin by its very definition is chaos. Chaos is senseless. I don’t want to venture into senselessness.

What I do know is this:

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21

So what I choose to focus on is what I do know about my very good God.

Where was God? How is this loving? What were His thoughts?

He was there, He promised that. “Where two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there..” He was there in that church last night..very, very  present. How is this loving? Because He was there to catch those souls and sweep them to paradise -Love made that possible. Death wasn’t His plan in the beginning, sin caused death. Our broken human world caused this. But, in Love, when the worst of the worst of the worst moments come -He lovingly reaches into the ugly, evil moment and catches us.

Last night? Last night I believe He immediately caught nine souls and held them tight, tight to His chest and in the span of a moment began the journey of taking them Home. I will never know His thoughts, the Bible says His thoughts are not our own, they are higher than ours. But I believe nine souls heard His whispered thoughts last night. I believe they heard “I’m sorry, this was never My plan – but just wait. Wait until you see paradise! Paradise isn’t divided, isn’t broken, and it isn’t separated. Paradise doesn’t hurt. Your Home will be with me now, lived out in Perfect Love. Everything I promised, I am giving you. Well done, sons and daughters. Your race? Well run.”

He didn’t take, He saved.

But we have to fix this, friends. Something has to give, to stop. The brokenness here. This daily venture further and further into the abyss of evil?

It. Has. To. Stop.

We were told We overcome evil with good. Without God’s love there can be no good.

So pray. Pray for Charleston today.

Don’t focus on the chaos of evil. Focus on the healing, balm of God’s love. Pray for waves of Gods love to rush through the streets of our cities and wash away some of the brokenness.

Speak of His Love.

Teach of His Love.

Preach of His Love.

And find a way to practice what we preach.

Praying For Healing in this city and Authentically Yours,


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