The Pieces


This post will be short (I know, I know..”Hooray, for the short posts!”)

I was just reading reading again the incredible biblical account of Paul, as a prisoner, sailing to Rome – through storms, terrifying waves, chaos and ultimately a shipwreck.

I have read this story many times and I love the details of Paul’s incredible faith, and the imagery of the storm.

As I read through it again, a verse from the very end hit my heart.. hard..
Acts 27:44  “The rest were to get there (to dry land, from the shipwreck) on planks or on other pieces of the ship. In this way everyone reached land safely.”

God used the broken pieces.
He didn’t keep the storm from coming.
And He didn’t keep the original ship, direction or plan in tact.
He promised they would survive and make it to shore. And He taught them they could use the wreckage of What Was to help them make it to the shore of What Was To Come.

He proved that He is a God who teaches in the storm, and redeems the pieces of brokenness in the After.

In the storm –
He is the Rescuer.
He is the Calmer of the rough seas.

After the storm –
He is the Redeemer.

Good stuff to keep in mind, right?

Hold onto a bit of what you’ve gone through. Hold the pieces – the planks – of your shipwrecks…not to hold you down, or back, or under, but to remind you that we serve a God who specializes in using the broken moments to make the best moments.

A Shipwreck Survivor and Authentically Yours,
“Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, those whom He has redeemed from trouble” Psalm 107:2

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