Joyfully restored and refreshed.

What a difference a day God can make.

After the exhausting fight to stay away from the edge of the Pit of Pain has been won.

After we have wrestled against the darkness, cried out to God, and through Him won victory..this day, His mercies, all new -has come.
“Weeping may last for a night but joy comes in the morning..”
Joy comes in
Peace comes in
Jesus comes in

**It doesn’t make you (or me!) crazy you know..in case you wondered. The highs and lows, from pit to joyful mountain tops in the span of a day, or a night. It makes us beautifully, authentically human.**

But you know what makes it harder to climb back to the top of joy?
Pretending you aren’t in the low places. Fear that someone will see you go from “down” and back to “up” and judge you for it.

So you try to hide it, pretend you are fine, hide out, hide your truth.
Hide your story.

Here is the problem with hiding our emotional and spiritual distress from those we fear will judge us: it also hides our distress from our First Responders.

We are so covered in the Masks of Fine, Great, and All Good ..that the ones who can help push us towards Our Rescuer aren’t able to see us either.

When a recent dark day threatened to knock me low, in addition to clinging to the promises of My Rescuer, I also cried out to the ones who would pray for me.
To the ones who would immediately begin to pray for Light to filter into my darkness.

Lets pull up a chair to that for a second, ok?

Do you have those people? The ones you text, or call or message on the hard days? When you feel control, faith, and joy slipping from your grasp, do you reach out to the ones who always reach back and lift you higher to The Truest One?

If not, please find them.

Connect somehow, somewhere and find your ones.
Or message me!
Whatever – but from this moment on, try hard not to run the toughest days of your race alone.

We were never made to be alone.

Our God is so very relational.

Want to be like Jesus? Know Him.
Start with some words that are not used to describe Him:

Now a few words that you will associate closely with Jesus:

Ahh, you see it now, right? Like I do again, even more, having typed that out. Be more like Jesus = life surrounded by the ones.

Find the ones who think the real you is the best you.
Find the ones you can text to say “just..please..pray for me..”
– and make sure they are the ones that will answer “I am now. And I love you”

If your response to this is “I can’t think of the ones, the ones that would be there. I am lonely. Alone.”

Then I am sorry. I am here and can pray for you and I would also say this..check your spiritual “face”.
Make sure you are allowing others to actually know YOU.
Not the mask you’ve been wearing.

Sometimes the mask we thought could hide us from hurt or judgement can also hide us from help, from friendship, from the ones. And any layer of self protection you have added between authenticity and those around you, will ultimately fail and become self ruin.

Take off the mask.

Find the ones.

And let’s always be the one for another.

Lets learn to say “I have so been there. I am praying for you, my friend. Right now. And I love you..”

And then let’s help each other climb to the top, far from the pit – to the heights of joy.

Unmasked and Authentically Yours,

“Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins” 1 Peter 4:8

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