To Begin A Sunday


It is now the early morning hours here in my home state of Illinois.

Early morning, Sunday.

For this Midwestern girl, that means that it is the seventh day – the Sabbath has begun.

My family has been asleep for awhile, and their alarms will be waking us for church in just a few hours. So this will not be a long post.

I wanted to come on here and post one of my favorite verses, because what better way to begin a Sunday?

As I prayerfully considered what verse I would share, I thought about my week.

What an amazing but hard – humbling but gratifying – scary yet reassuring – week God has just brought me through.

Oh, to finally feel called to write again.

To move from doing laundry to creating something for Him, within the span of a mere heartbeat.

To be living daily in the stripped down, simple life of “Because He Asked Me To” – what a beautiful place to live.

Finally, I feel freed from the battle of carrying unwritten words inside – of longing to express myself but facing again and again the enemy of self doubt and fear.

With one call of our name..God silences the enemy. He triumphs over that war of fear inside of us. The mighty warrior,
who wins every battle -when we ask Him to fight for us.

So, yeah, this week? It was kinda a big one for me.

And as I considered the Sabbath, I considered Him. I looked back at these last days and I knew I needed to type out one of my favorite passages about the power of God –

“He who forms the mountains, who creates the wind, and who reveals His thoughts to mankind, who turns dawn to darkness, and treads on the heights of the earth– the LORD God Almighty is His name.” Amos 4:13

For a very long time I have loved this verse, as I am able find such peace and rest in knowing that this amazing, almighty protector is FOR me. That this same Lord is the “One Who Wins My Battles”.

But then as I typed it out just now, as I viewed this same well-loved verse through the lens of my week, the words that jumped out the most were “who reveals His thoughts to mankind”.

Oh Lord, just in time and always perfect.
My protector, but my willing friend. Willing to reveal, just at the right moment, Your thoughts – to me, down here.

We cannot turn dawn to dark.

We will never form mountains.

But still You speak, Your thoughts, to us.

This week You filled my heart with love, reassurance, encouragement, blessing, and direction.

In the midst of treading the heights of the earth, He WILL still stop and speak to a girl in a laundry room.

That is our God.

I think I will just Sabbath on that for a bit.

Awestruck by Him and Authentically Yours,

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